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Dear Ones,

When we speak of Oneness, we mean, certainly, oneness with the Creator. Being made in that Holy One's image, you are one in a very real way.

We mean additionally, however, a oneness with all that has been created. As every thing is composed of energy, as all matter is made of the same substance, all is one. The mystery of creation lies not only in the manner in which all was made but also in the tremendous variety and beauty of all that has been created from the one substance.

So, dear Ones, as you consider your world this day, consider the unity of all things. Yes, you share a home planet, you share needs for food and shelter, you all long for peace and love. But there is more.

Your world considers those with similar genetic material to be family members; we remind you that these similarities pale before the greater truth that each of you is comprised of exactly the same material. Each of you share not mere parentage or heredity but Oneness Itself and are thus family on a deeper level than you can know.

It is for this reason that you have been taught to extend toward others the behaviours and considerations you would wish to receive. Indeed, that which you do to each other you do to your very selves. Therefore, beloveds, love each other as you love yourself, and in this way all are blessed.

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