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What is a Sacred Healer?

We believe that the desire to relieve pain and help others to heal is a natural human impulse. Everyone wants to help those who suffer, even if they don't know how to do so.

We recognize all those who feel called to the vocation of Sacred Healer, regardless of skill, training, or methodology. The work of healing takes so many forms.

Some use a technique like Reiki or Therapeutic Touch. Some use the prayer of their religious tradition, offering prayers for the healing of others, often strangers who have been recommended for prayer. Still others grow quiet and send love to the planet or to scenes of great need, while others send their loving intention into water which they pour onto the earth. All these actions are filled with love and sent with great compassion and goodwill to those in need. These are works of healing.

Many people have studied aspects of healing. Nutritionists and dieticians know the healing power of food. Medical professionals know the healing power of medicines and treatments. Counselors know the power of the mind to heal. Friends know the power of compassionate listening and caring to heal.

We accept all non-judgmental, compassionate efforts that have as a goal the tender care of others for their comfort, health, peace, and wellbeing.

We acknowledge that Sacred Healers have many ways of offering this tender care to others:

medical (doctors, nurses, other medical professionals),

energetic (hands-on techniques),

plant-based (flower essences, essential oils),

counseling (hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, social work),

traditional (healing practices of the many cultures),

religious (sacraments, rituals, prayers),

loving (acts of compassionate listening and service)

and many others, we are sure.

We believe the common goal of a Sacred Healer is the intense desire to relieve suffering. The manner in which each Sacred Healer does so is a matter of personal choice.

All are welcome here.

How do I get involved?

Everyone is welcome to visit the site daily. 

Non-members can visit to request healing for self and others. In the free, public area, visitors will find healing prayers and affirmations, meditations, and other tools to support healing near and far.

Membership is reserved for those who feel called to the vocation of Sacred Healer, those who feel called to dedicate themselves to the work of healing, 

whether they do so full-time, part-time, or when need demands.

Members can log into the closed Facebook group for St. Raphael for sharing and support. Members will also have access to a workshop for Sacred Healer, newsletter, invitations to free online member events, discounts on paid events, and a logo to add to their healing website. Members may submit short articles of 300-350 words for the newsletter and/or website.

They will also receive a membership package delivered via postal service. Membership is $50, which includes registration and the 

fee for the year of joining; annual renewal fee is $25 due each January.

Why join the Order? Can't I do healing work on my own?

Of course you can, and we hope you do. In fact, we support you in your efforts by our own healing work.

Those who feel led to join us have engaged in healing techniques, prayer, and so on. Like most people, they are men and woman of goodwill with a strong desire to bring comfort and healing to the world.

They may have learned a healing method and practice it. They may have clients who come to them for their services.

But they want more. They not only have a skill or a desire to help those who suffer, they have the heart of a Sacred Healer. They have an inner voice telling them they are set apart as a Sacred Healer. They are Sacred Healer through and through; they cannot help it. It is part of who they are. They love the work of healing but they know there is more for them: they want to embrace the vocation of Sacred Healer.

We honor their calling with the Order of St. Raphael. We give them not only support in their work but a framework to support their lives as Sacred Healer. 

I'm interested, but I have health issues. How can I be a Sacred Healer when I need healing myself?

The great psychologist Carl Jung was quoted as saying, regarding the psychologist, " is his own hurt that gives a measure of his power to heal." From Jung we get the archetype of the wounded healer, the one who heals others who have suffered as he has.

This is not to say that everyone who feels a desire to heal suffers from ill health, but it is true that for many Sacred Healer, 

their own mental, emotional, or physical pain gives rise to a great compassion for others who suffer and, with it, the desire to assist.

Knowing this, we recognize that not all Sacred Healer enjoy excellent health. We are all on a journey to greater wellness and wholeness. Those of us with health issues may find that dedication to healing may have a ripple affect on many areas of life, leading to behavioral changes that enhance their health, comfort, peace of mind, and even relationships.

You seem to be Christian, but I am not. May I join?

Yes, the Angel Ladies are Christian, but all religious traditions are welcome and respected here.

I am agnostic. May I join?

Yes, you are. Those who question are welcome and respected here.

I am an atheist. Am I welcome?

Yes, if you believe in the power of goodwill, right intention, and love. If not, you will not be happy in this group and we ask you to find a group better suited to your understanding of life.

I am Christian, and I believe that adulterers and homosexuals and people of other faiths will go to Hell. My church teaches that most Christian churches – even those of my denomination – are in error and will also go to Hell. Am I welcome?

In this group, all religious traditions are welcome and respected. It appears that the beliefs of your church, which you share, do not respect other traditions but condemn them. Sadly, these beliefs support the kind of exclusion that we see as unChristian and unlike the Christ who cautioned followers against judgment and who welcomed all to his table, including sinners. We support your church's right to teach as it sees fit and your right to believe what you are taught, but this group is not one in which you will be happy. We as you to find a group better suited to your faith and understanding.

Are you people for real? This seems too way out and airy-fairy to believe.

Yes, we are for real, and we understand that many will not share our beliefs. We ask those who do not to find a group better suited to their beliefs and understanding.

I like this group very much and would like to share my faith with everyone here. May I?

We are glad you like the group and delighted that you have a vibrant faith. However, religious faith is not a criterion for joining the group, nor is it a topic for discussion or debate. We ask you to find a group where your witness and testimony will be appreciated, as it is outside the bounds of this group.

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