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Morning reflection:

Today is a new day.

It is time for me to take up my task as Sacred Healer. 

I dedicate my day, with its work and challenges, to Love, knowing that all my efforts are blessed.

Throughout the world, I observe the results of unloving energies - anger, fear, resentment, discouragement, injustice, and more – and see the impact they have on the wellbeing, health, happiness, and comfort all people long to experience.

 I call upon Love to give me strength to resist these energies and instead to let all my thoughts, words, and actions today be filled with and directed by Love Itself. When I am tempted to anger or impatience, I ask Love to remind me that we all want peace and prosperity, happiness and harmony, safety and love and comfort. 

May I be generous today in patience and forgiveness, in tolerance and compassion, in understanding and goodwill. I hold in my heart all who work to heal today: may their powers to heal be strengthened by Love, may their efforts be effective, may those who seek relief be granted comfort and healing. 

May the creatures and all people be protected from fear, pain and harm. May our home planet be tended with love, and may it be restored to divine perfection. May all unloving energies and intentions be transformed to the deepest Love and compassion for all living things. I dedicate myself, my efforts, and my day to Love. I set my intention to be faithful to my vocation as Sacred Healer and to bring comfort and peace wherever I go today.

Evening Reflection 

The day is over, the night has come. Now it is time to rest.

I release the cares of the day to Love, trusting Love to do its work of blessing and easing all concerns and worries I may have. I consider how I have used this day. The unloving energies of anger, discouragement, fear, resentment, jealousy, exclusion, and hate swirl though the world. 

If I have allowed them to color my thoughts, words, or actions today, I forgive myself now and release them from my life, knowing that all people strive for the same things: love, enough to eat and to wear, a safe and comfortable shelter, financial resources to live, the good regard of neighbors, vibrant health, peace. 

From this place of generous regard, I forgive those who have hurt me, other people, creatures, the planet, knowing that all debts will be repaid and balance restored. I call to mind my vocation as Sacred Healer and rededicate myself to the energies of health which are love, peace, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, trust, hope and all uplifting energies of truth. 

I send my love and healing energy to all healers working as I sleep: may they relieve pain, may lives be saved, may health be restored, may miracles of healing take place tonight with ease and speed in comfortable, joyful ways! May the earth itself be bathed in healing love, restoring itself to divine order. May creatures and vulnerable people be protected from all fear, pain, and harm tonight. 

May those of violent and cruel intent be filled instead with love and goodwill to all. May those directed by greed, revenge, and the desire for power be converted by Love and from this moment on be directed by love, compassion, justice, and the desire to care for those in need and for the planet itself. All these intentions I place in the care of Divine Love. 

I have done my best today; it is enough. Tomorrow I will set forth again on my path as Sacred Healer.

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