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The Order of St. Raphael the Archangel

Rule of Life

This day and every day I intend to:

1. Connect with loving Creator offering intentions and prayers according to my tradition, and as Sacred Healer will offer the prayer on the back of the member card, each morning and night.

2. Aligning my heart, mind and soul with my Divine Purpose, I will set the intention to live as a Sacred Healer each each day.

3. I will flow loving energy and support to all healers whenever I offer healing, prayers, or meditations through the day. I with join with them in Spirit with the intention that their healing efforts will bring relief and health to those they serve.

4. I will live in alignment with my call: to love, forgive, seek and speak truth, care for all who live and the planet itself. I will live my calling to walk gently on earth, and bring peace, wholeness, and truth wherever I go.

5. I will take part in the online community and flow loving energy to members and those for whom they have requested support.

6. I will smile often and enjoy the blessings of life, offering blessings even as I am blessed.  

Commissioning Promises

As a Sacred Healer and Member of the Order of St. Raphael the Archangel,

1. I believe that I have been called by Love to be a force for healing and love to all.

2. I willingly accept my calling to be a healer serving Love and to be guided at all times by Love. 

3. I will strive earnestly to empty myself of whatever is not Love in my mind, heart, spirit, words, and actions.

4. I will strive to forgive myself and others without exception, to seek and speak truth in loving compassion, to care for all living beings with kindness, and to work to restore the planet itself by using resources mindfully.

5. I will strive to empty myself of greed and materialism, supporting efforts to minimize the negative impact of society upon the air, water, soil, plants, and animals of the earth.

6. I will follow the Rule of Life of the Order of St. Raphael the Archangel, supporting my brothers and sisters in our healing community, that together we may serve the world at large through our healing efforts.

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